Bedroom / LHD-1-BD-0015





Queen Bed: 66.5 W x 89 D x 40 H 
King Bed: 82.5 W x 89 D x 40 H
6 Drawer Dresser: W55.23 “x D17.7 “xH 31″ 

Mirror: W 33.8″x D1.18″xH39 ” 

Night Stand: W22.4 “x D16.3 ”xH 20″ 

5 Drawer Chest: W30.3 “x D 19″xH 45.5


Alluring designs and colors of the modern bedroom. Furniture presented in these collections will perfectly compliment bedrooms of any size and color theme.  You can
buy a complete bedroom set as well as individual items shown in the setting.  The dresser will have 2 of the circular handles to accommodate a larger dresser then the one shown.