Bedroom / LHD-11-BD-0005




The set includes: Q. Bed + 2 N/S + Single Dresser + Small Mirror. King size bed is also available.
Headboard Height: 40″
Queen Bed: W68.5″ x D84″
Cal. King Bed: W79.5″ x D88″
East. King Bed: W83.5″ x D84″

Nightstand (2dr): L27.5″ x D18″ x H17″
Nightstand (1dr): L27.5″ x D18″ x H9.5″
Double Dresser: L71″ x D20″ x H30″
Rectangular Mirror: L35.5″ x H45″
Rectangular Mirror Maxi: L31.5″ x H63″
Single Dresser: L51″ x D20″ x H30″
Chest: L27.5″ x D18″ x H47.5″
Vanity Bench: L54″ x D17″ x H27″
Round Pouf: Dim.20″ x H19″
2 door Wardrobe: L38″ x D23.5″ x H90″
3 door Wardrobe: L56″ x D23.5″ x H90″
4 door Wardrobe: L74″ x D23.5″ x H90″
5 door Wardrobe: L92″ x D23.5″ x H90″
6 door Wardrobe: L110″ x D23.5″ x H90″
2 Sliding door Wardrobe: L73.5″ x D23.5″ x H98.5″
3 Sliding door Wardrobe: L110″ x D23.5″ x H98.5″


- The finish is high gloss black polyester lacquer finish.
- Bed and mirror frames as well as all cornices are wrapped with shining eco-leather resulting from sophisticated technological processes.
- Led lights on the sides of headboard are included in bed price.
- Courtesy lights under the bed are optional.
- Bed raills (100mm x 50mm) wrapped in eco-leather have rounded junctions 45° and are made rich by an elegant chromed element.
- 4 sides multilayer wood drawers in grey finish enhance structural solidity and wood texture.
- The drawer insides are in multi-layer wood with anti-scratch pearl gray finish.
- Night tables and dresser have double top and Double base with eco-leather rounded side frames.
- Dresser and night tables sides are 35mm thick.
- “Belt buckle” designed handles chromed in galvanic pool for shine and lasting resistance.
- All door hinges in wardrobes are equipped with soft closing hinges.